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How to Read Your Electric Bill

For better detail the different components of your bill are listed below for better clarification for you.

The first component of your bill, called the facility charge, covers our expense of maintaining and operating the many miles of electric lines, insulators, capacitors, transformers, metering equipment, lightning arrestors, switches, bolts, anchors, poles and other physically connected equipment required to safely and reliably deliver our “product” to you.

The facility charge is our actual expense of maintaining this equipment to strict national safety and maintenance standards.

The second component of your bill, called the energy charge, is comprised of the electricity we purchase and then resell to our membership. Associated Electric, located in Springfield, Missouri is the company that generates electricity for us. Northeast Missouri Electric Power Cooperative (NEP) is the transmission company that transmits high voltage electricity to us. The energy component of your bill allows us to pay Associated Electric for the electricity they make and also allows us to pay NEP for the use of their transmission lines, towers and substations for delivering Associated Electric’s electricity to us.

This energy component is calculated from your meter reading each month and is called the energy charge on your bill. A typical energy charge will vary by use.

Combine the facility charge, the energy charge, any miscellaneous charges and taxes for a total of your electric bill. Individual bills will vary, of course, and commercial and industrial members will have much higher usage and charges.

We hope this assists you in understanding more about your locally-governed, locally owned distribution cooperative, Chariton Valley Electric Cooperative. 


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