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Meter Testing

At Chariton Valley Electric all of our watt-hour meters must be accurate to within plus or minus 2% at full and light load. To verify meters are operating within these parameters we test 10% of our meters each year.

If you feel your meter is not working properly you may request it be tested.

At the member’s request, CVEC will perform a field test of the meter. If the meter is accurate within the limits accepted by the co-ops meter inspection and testing program, the utility may charge $25.00 for the field meter test.

The member may request a referee test. This test requires an advance deposit of $30.00 prior to performing the meter test. If the meter is found to be within the plus or minus 2% we will retain the deposit to cover the expenses of the meter test. If the meter is found to be registering outside the plus or minus 2% we will refund the deposit and review the account.

How to Request a Meter Test
Please call our office at 641-932-7126 or 800-475-1702 to request a meter test.


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