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Scholarship Program

  1. 1 - $1,500 Scholarship / Electrical Hot Line Work or Electrical Engineering. $750 will be paid upon enrollment directly to the school and an additional $750 will be paid at the beginning of second semester. The applicant must maintain a 2.5 GPA during the first semester to receive the second semester disbursement.

  2. 4 - $1,000.00 Scholarships / any field of study. $1,000 will be paid directly to the school at the beginning of second semester. The applicant must maintain a 2.5 GPA during the first semester, and provide proof of enrollment in the second semester to receive the disbursement.

  3. It will be the responsibility of the recipient to present the necessary documentation to Chariton Valley Electric to process payment of scholarship funds.

  4. The applicant must be a senior graduating from an accredited high school or homeschooling program.

  5. The applicant’s parent(s) or guardian(s) must be a member of Chariton Valley Electric Cooperative.

  6. The applicant must attend an accredited institution of higher learning including Vocational School, Technical School, Junior College or University.

  7. The applicant must be majoring in electrical hot line work or electrical engineering in order to be eligible for the $1,500 scholarship. All fields of study are eligible to apply for the 4 - $1,000 scholarships. The field of study must lead to a degree, certification, or license for the student.

  8. Chariton Valley Electric’s Scholarship Selection Committee will make the final decisions on recipients of the scholarships based upon the completion of the scholarship application, essay and high school transcripts.

  9. The completed application, typed essay and high school transcript must be received by March 30, and all three are required to constitute application.

  10. Applicants who are children or step-children of the Board of Directors and employees will not be eligible.



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